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Prices and Coverage Areas


Wasp and Bumble Bee nest treatment for nests at ground level and up to the height of a single storey (bungalow) soffit/gutter level, where no access equipment is needed costs £35.00.

Wasp and Bumble Bee nest treatment for nests above a single storey bungalow or in loft/attic spaces, where my own additional access and treatment equipment is used or needed costs £40.00.  If other equipment is required such as roof cat ladders, these will be hired at additional cost.

Wasp and Bumble Bee nest removal and sealing of entrance holes, after a successful nest treatment costs £25.00.This is done at a second visit, usually the day afterwards.

Loft/attic space fumigation for late season Queen Wasps costs £45.00.

Bumble Bee re-homing, where possible and subject to available new nest locations costs £35.00.

Honey Bee nest treatments can be very complex, if in cavities or disused chimneys. Prices for a straight forward Honey Bee nest treatment and sealing of nest entrance start at £75.00.

If the honey combs are to be removed from a cavity, then many other trades people will be required eg, scaffolders, brickies and joiners. The total cost can work out very expensive.


The prices above are for all areas within an approximate 20 miles travelling radius of Preston town centre, post code PR1.


This means virtually all parts of Preston PR and Fylde FY post code areas are covered.


Also covered are parts of post code areas:


Blackburn BB1

Blackburn BB2

Blackburn BB3

Blackburn BB5

Blackburn BB6

Wigan WN6

Bolton BL6

Liverpool L40

Lancaster LA2


Wasp nests and bee colonies requiring treatment out side of 20 miles will incur a travel fuel surcharge of .25p per mile.


Any additional nests found and treated at the same time are half price.


A re-treatment (Call Back) for a nest that is still active a few days after the initial treatment is Free. This can happen occasionally where the nest cannot be seen and there may be many entrance holes and flight lines being used by the wasps/bees to the actual nest. If the insects decide to stop using the route/s I have treated then no insecticide will be carried back into the nest.


If you are unsure what species you have, please try to give me as much information as regards colour, size, numbers and where you think the nest might be.


A photo ID of wasps and bees can be viewed below, click on photo to open album



Please contact me for any more information.